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Our range of adhesives are manufactured to our specification by Stauf, one of the major adhesive manufacturers in Europe.

Carriage Charges. Please note that our prices do not include carriage. We offer free delivery for orders over £150 excluding VAT.
For orders below £150 our carriage charges are £4 + VAT for orders under 1kg, including packing (All of our 750ml bottles are under 1kg, including packing). Carriage for orders over 1kg is £8 +VAT.
These charges reflect the cost to us of packing and sending the items.
We have decided to charge for carriage separately rather than add the cost to the price of the item as this offers significant savings when buying multiple items.
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Granwax PU Sausage Adhesive
PU Sausage Adhesive 600cc
Our Price: £8.30 (9.96 inc VAT)

PU Sausage adhesive is an SMP based adhesive with high elasticity, very low emissions and is user friendly.
For use with applicator gun, which is available separately.
600cc per sausage.
Normally packed in boxes of 20, but available individually.
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Granwax Floor Repair Kit
Floor Repair Kit
Our Price: £24.95 (29.94 inc VAT)

Designed specifically for repairing wood floors that have been stuck down but have subsequently had some areas become loose or hollow sounding without having to remove any of the flooring.
The wood floor repair kit consists of an applicator syringe and adhesive.
Simply drill a small hole where the floor is loose saving the dust for later use.
Using the syringe inject the adhesive underneath the loose boards. Once the hollow has been filled mix the dust with a small amount of adhesive and fill in the drill hole for an almost invisible repair.
Note This product is only designed for spot repairs where the subfloor remains sound. This product cannot repair the the floor if there are structural problems with the subfloor.
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Granwax Adhesive gun
Adhesive Gun
Our Price: £32.00 (38.40 inc VAT)

Designed for use with 600cc sausage adhesive more info
Granwax 2K PU
2K PU Elastic Wood Floor Adhesive 9.8kg
Our Price: £56.00 (67.20 inc VAT)

2k PU is a two component fast setting adhesive. It offers a long open time, is water and solvent free so does not swell the wood and has very low emissions. Nominal 9.8 kg (8.9kg Part A, 0.89kg Part B) more info
Granwax MS Flex
MS Flex Wood Floor Adhesive 18kg
Our Price: £109.20 (131.04 inc VAT)

MS Flex is a one component MS Polymer wood floor adhesive for use with 14mm to 22mm wood flooring with tongue and groove.
It is water and solvent free which means that there is no wood swelling.
It also has very low emissions, is easy to apply and easy to remove excess adhesive.
Pack size 18kg
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